Go Team Go

DSCF1751 My team sets goals and communicates to keep on top of the task. An effective team  is one who is focused and on task .We need to persist or we wont work well. Being organized is very important because we can make big mistakes further on in the task.   If my team keep on going the way we are I think we will be successful.

  1. Hey Raffi,
    My name is Mitchell and Im from Mr Kanes’ class.
    This week we have Science week in our class we have Solar Panels to use I have made a light a fan and noise maker work.

    Mr Kane told me you like acting, singing and dancing type of things i do too i go to FlashDance in sunbury!
    Thanks fo reading from Mitch 🙂

  2. Hi Raffi,
    I really liked this post because of it’s sophisticated words! Though, it has a punctuation error. In the word won’t you forgot the ‘ in it. I hope you keep putting up posts like this. Keep up the good work!

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