My dream

My Dream

Jessica Watson’s dream was to be the youngest person to sail around the world in a yacht. One of her inspirations was the book Lion Heart. Lion Heart was written by a man named Jesse Martin. He was the youngest man to sail around the world in a yacht at the age of 18.

When I’m older I want to be a sort of guy who surfs in his free time. I would also like to survive a month on a tropical island with no tools or cloths.

I was inspired by a number of big wave surfers and watching competitions on the telly. Bear Grylls has inspired the survival part of me.

I am going to achieve this by learning new skills for both dreams and start from the early stages.

I really want to surf because I love the feeling of accomplishing something that other people sometimes don’t feel comfortable doing. It’s the same thing with wanting to be able to survive for a long period of time and coming out successfully.

Everyone and anyone should have a dream no matter who you are.


  1. Hi Raffi
    I really like your my dream post because you have got a sentence about your dream. Then you press on the link and then it shows you about Jessica’s dream and your dream. I like how your revolver map has a counter. On your pages I think that it is really good that you have a maths corner. This is another good blog and you are just one inch away from changing your background.
    From Oscar

  2. Hi Raffi,
    I really love your writing piece. Also a surfer guy I think would suite you. I have one suggestion for you. Maybe you could explain a bit more before you add a link for your visitors to look at.
    Yours sincerely

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