Car Colour Investigation

Car Colour Investigation

My teachers set grade 5 the task of investigating the most popular car colour driving on the roads of the Macedon ranges today.

From my research I discovered a website from the Australian government that told me that as expected, the most common colours are black, white, silver and grey. It said that out of 9000 different cars these colours made up 70% of their data.

After a day of waiting, grade five gathered together to walk to the railway station to collect data for the ten category’s, they were black, white, silver, grey, red, yellow, blue, brown, green and other. The 4 colours added up with a total of 63% witch was very close to the website from the Australian government.

When my partner and I got back we had to convert fractions into decimals witch I thought was very difficult.

I had to put all of this data into a pie chart.  The sample size can’t really define the most common or popular car colour in the Macedon ranges.

For me the most difficult part of this task was converting the fraction decimals into percentage.




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