Solar boats

Solar Boats

Sun rays are powering our boats to let them race across the pool

Over the ripples of the surface of the smooth cold water witch the propeller will be zipping through

Laughing and crying frowning and smiling it is a beautiful site watching the graceful hull glide through the emotional pool

As soon as the person at the finish line stops the boat it is a standing ovation everyone is cheering and chanting it was a good show

Ready for the next time trial people stand nervously a majority of them have gotten so far they can’t afford to make any more mistakes

Barely making it by the skin of their teeth to the finals makes the competition more intense

Oh no as the boat gets a record time oh yes uh oh, it can be good for some but bad for others but people keep their wits about themselves

Accidents happen so people do their best to make sure that everything is done to perfection

Time’s up the finals are over it has been an emotional ride including a lot of engineering skills and responsible risks

Sunset has come and our circuits will go and the spirit of the team and the hull will divide into four

This poem is about our solar boat project and the feelings that we felt. This poem was a lot of fun to write I hope you enjoyed it.

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